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V I K R - B I O S C I E N C E

Hard Surface Cleaner

Hard Surface Cleaner

5 LT

Hard Surface Cleaner

Manufactured By : Vikr BioScience Pvt Ltd.

Product Description


VIKR HARD SURFACE CLEANER is a natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly biotechnology product. VIKR hard surface cleaner is highly concentrated, which helps to clean porous hard surfaces as well. Made from very high-performance surfactants and non-hazardous chemicals that are also environmentally friendly.

All-purpose cleaning concentrate.
Ideal for daily routine cleaning.
It can also be used as an intensive cleaner.
High cleaning performance at low cleaning concentration.
Protects the material.
Dries quickly and streak-free.
Awarded with the European Ecolabel.
Does not require CLP Regulations marking.

INGREDIENTS nonionic surfactants (5-15%), water-soluble solvents, food dye, fragrances, and preservatives (Phenoxyethanol). APPLICATION Can be used on water-resistant surfaces, objects, and flooring, as well as flooring protected with a coating.

How to Use


Please test a small, inconspicuous spot before first application.

Normal soiling routine cleaning:

Wiping: 20-40ml into 1 Ltr of water Surface cleaning: 20-40ml into 1 Ltr of water Spray bottle, aerosol-free: 50ml into 1 Ltr of water Use the Hard Surface Cleaner 4 dosing unit to create the ready-to-use solution. Spray the ready-to-use solution directly onto the surface or onto a cloth or microfiber cloth, wipe, and done.

Heavy soiling intensive cleaning:

Mechanical wet cleaning: 20ml into 1 Ltr of water. Distribute the cleaning solution on the floor. Leave to react for a short time, scrub, vacuum, and rinse thoroughly with water.